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The Hong Kong Star Film Festival took place on the 27th 30th October 2017 in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong - Hong Kong Star Film Festival was hold in Hong Kong on the 27th – 30th October, 2017.

The Hong Kong Star Film Festival took place on the 27th – 30th October 2017 in Hong Kong.

It was a small but professional event with a variety of people travelling to the capital to view the films on show. The film genres included documentary, action and even comedy to name a few. The films on show were created by talented filmmakers from all areas of the world. A gentleman and his wife even travelled from Berlin, Germany to witness their film have its Asian premiere. The festival showcased feature length films over the first day and a variety of shorts which kept the audience entertained over the following 4 days. Looking around the cinema it was clear that all who attended had a enjoyable experience and this was also visible in the Q&A session during every night of screening which created lively conversations. Even the cinema lobby was an exciting place to be with filmmakers discussing their next projects amongst each other long after the event has finished.

The festival concluded with a closing ceremony and an award session where the filmmakers were awarded for their hard work and creativity in their categories. One particular filmmaker walked away with 2 awards, 1 for Best Director and the other for Best Short.

It is clear that it has been another successful year for the Hong Kong Star Film Festival and credit should be given to the organisers who created a very enjoyable and informative night of independent film. Both Hong Kong and filmmakers are awaiting the next instalment of the festival which is scheduled for 2018.

Festival Description:
In addition, all theaters are 4K projector as a playback system, so that the overall quality improvement, but also with Hollywood live shooting mode, so no matter in the sound, shadow, picture quality is definitely better than other cinema, allows the audience to Experience the enjoyment of watching your film, a ticket can buy 100% distinguished viewing experience!


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