Michaels Choice Now Available
By: Barbara Avon
Posted on : January 2, 2018  Views : 911

When I wrote “THE GIFT”, part 1 to "Michael's Choice", I never intended to write a sequel.  However, writing is also sharing of yourself and my readers were intent to see more of Michael Rossi.  I always listen to my readers.   A line in this book reads as follows: “What’s the point of art, if it hides?”  The same concept applies to writing and giving the reader what the reader wants.  In turn, they are gifting me something, and that is, the ability to share of myself and breathe new life into a character that ultimately, has become a part of me.  I am forever indebted.  

After the death of Ottawa's first serial killer, things in the city are just getting back to normal. The city's imposed curfew has been lifted, the nervous energy in the air has started to dissipate and demolition has begun on Hayden's Amusement Park.

After suffering at the hand of Stevie Phelps, and putting the pieces of their lives back together, Michael and Nicole Rossi are living the dream. Business at Michael's Place is booming, their daughter, Maria, is just learning to walk and the newlyweds are more in love than ever.

Without warning, the dream is shattered. A brutal murder takes place and everyone deems it the work of a copy-cat killer. Just like Stevie Phelps, known as "The Carousel Killer", had done with his victims, the killer removed the victim's eyes.

Nicole panics and slowly retreats into herself until Michael starts to believe she is seeking comfort in the arms of another man. Then, one night, he overhears a conversation in his restaurant that makes his blood run cold.

Phelps continues to haunt the Rossi family, forcing Michael to make a choice. A choice that will change everything and help them emerge from the nightmare that has become their life. Making the wrong choice, Michael soon realizes, is truly the only way out.