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A Unique Childrens Book
By: Barbara Avon
Posted on : November 14, 2017   Views : 46635

“Shoemaker Mack” is a unique way to spark your child’s imagination.  The child draws the illustrations.  In a world where hi-tech devices have overtaken even the youngest mind, this children’s book offers the best of the old-school worlds: reading and drawing. The story itself takes place in a Kingdom of yesteryear and the moral at the end of the story stays with the child for a lifetime.  The book is also an excellent addition to birthday or party loot bags, great for dentist offices, daycares or just for “family fun time”.  What happens when the King entices Shoemaker Mack with a treasure chest full of gold to stop his relentless singing?  A line from the story appears at the top of each 8 ½ by 11 page, giving the child enough room to draw the scene in the space below.  The book may inspire children to become future artists, storytellers or simply fall in love with books. The book features a full colour cover and is a stand-alone story. Two other similar books are available through the author, “Baba’s Wish” and “The Red Coat”. Ideal for children ages 5 to 8.